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Treatment Synopsis

Treatment of Psoriasis consists 2 phases:

  • First is removing the scales to improve the general appearance and to allow cream to be effective

  • Second to control and reduce psoriasis so that future scales formation will be reduced or almost stopped.


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It is known that psoriasis patient's skin cannot perform one basic function i.e. prevention of water and heat-loss from the skin.
Total Water Loss (TWL) of psoriatic skin is about 6-8 times higher than normal healthy skin. The only way to prevent the water and heat loss is by causing vasoconstriction of dermal blood vessels or giving a protective coating, which controls water-loss and helps in self-repair of the skin. 

Cosmetically adjusted Dermist products are good to act as barrier to prevent water and heat loss, and to repair psoriatic skin. 

Dermist Shampoo

Dermist Shampoo is a special formulation for removal of scales on the scalp and body with minimum effort while taking a shower/bath with lukewarm water. Dermist shampoo removes the scales while taking a shower, without causing irritation or damage to the affected area of the skin.​


Dermist Cream

Dermist Cream is formulated to provide a protective layer on the psoriasis affected and exposed (by removing scales) skin. After bath, pat dry with soft towel and apply Dermist cream. It will form a protective layer on the skin, which protects the skin from water-loss and heat loss. It contains natural extracts & minerals which helps in reviving your skin functionality and skin. 

Both Dermist Shampoo and Cream are water-soluble and can be easily washed with the water when you need and can re-apply. 

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