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We developed Dermist shampoo and cream to treat the root cause of Plaque Psoriasis by adopting the holistic approach of Ayurveddic ancient wisdom and modern science. Dermist is safe for long-term continuous use. 

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-Side effects free
-With Naturals extracts and Minerals
-NO steroids, NO salicylic acid, NO coal tar,
NO immunosuppressants, NO vit D derivatives
-Just 10min a day for application
-Cosmetically adjusted for day time use to office
-Safe and effective for long term use

Patented formulations of Dermist products are free of Steroids, Salicylic Acid, Coal Tar, Biological Drugs, Vitamin A & D Derivatives, Parabens, and Heavy Metals. All Dermist products are developed with natural and safe ingredients, and are manufactured under stringent quality norms in GMP facility with international standards. None of the ingredients are banned/restricted by US FDA and most of them are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) listed ingredients. Dermist products are developed by considering the needs of modern living and lifestyle. The products are non-messy, no odd odour, no staining of dress/linen, and easy to use.

Key Ingredients


Kadali (Banana) Extract

: This has all the nutrients to help the skin repair on its own, besides having curative properties of phytochemicals present in the natural extract.

Lavendula (Lavender) Extract

This is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces the inflammation (redness and swelling) of the psoriasis-affected skin.

Navasara (Ammonium Compound)

Besides increasing the speed of the repair process of the skin, it also reduces the itchyness at the psoriasis-affected area of the skin.


"I am working as Safety Officer in Dubai. I am suffering with psoriasis for almost 15 years and my job is highly stressful. Dermist not only given me relief, it also helped me in controlling my hair loss."

J.Pinto, Dubai, UAE

"My daughter had psoriasis on most of her body and scalp. She is 10 years old. We are using  Dermist shampoo and cream for last 1 year. Now except a mark on her leg, there are no psoriasis symptoms on her body."

Mrs.Ramadevi, Vizag, India

"I am a college student and suffering with scalp psoriasis for a long. Dermist has controlled my   psoriasis. Now my appearance is much better and able to go to college confidently."

Ms.Kalpana, Hyderabad, India

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